Kool Kids

Welcome to our Kool Kids page where you’ll find some fun ways to learn more about Jesus!

Advent means something that is going to come along or arrive. You may have an advent calendar which begins on 1st December and counts down the days to Christmas.
In the church calendar, Advent starts four Sundays before Christmas and every Sunday we light a candle.
Have a look at the website every day in December to learn more about Advent in the days before Christmas.

Nativity – the first Christmas
The Nativity is the story of the birth of baby Jesus many years ago in a town called Bethlehem. It wasn’t a birth in a hospital with nurses to help. It was in a stable with animals and instead of a baby cradle, Mary put baby Jesus into a manger of hay
At Holy Trinity and St Matthew’s Church, we’ve put together a fun mini nativity on Youtube. We hope you enjoy watching it.